The most flexible and easy to use
private deal platform for professionals with a
clutter-free and intuitive user experience.

From global banks to brokers, corporate finance firms to startup accelerators, industry leaders
trust HUBX solutions to digitise their core private placement and deal syndication activities.

The blueprint to closing deals faster:


Use our flexible templates and built-in insights to prepare your deal in minutes.


Manage your contacts in your own private, branded space.


Let our algorithms help identify the best-suited investors for your deal.


AI automatically enriches your investors’ profiles and engagement levels.


Stay in control with structured and collaborative tools to maintain momentum.


Investors can sign NDA and view deal & data room through white-label app.

Looking for deal flow?

Opt-in to view deals which have been specifically identified to match your investors’ preferences and profile.

Need more capital?

Elect to show your deals to other HUBX clients with relevant investors in their network.

Private Branded Workspace

Your all-in-one deal management hub.

HUBX solutions help professionals collaborate on private transactions in a private, branded environment. Our platforms help teams scale their private placement and deal syndication activities by simplifying and automating each step, leveraging data insights throughout the process.


Keep track of every investor interaction, at all times.

Imagine setting up your own hub in minutes, uploading your investor network and getting insights on who to approach first for every deal. Marketing a deal in private to the right investors, sharing sensitive information and gathering feedback has never been so easy.

Trusted Networks

Do business in private, connect with exclusive networks.

While each hub is private and invitation-only, HUBX is building a unique network of connected platforms to facilitate introductions and deal syndication. Our technology makes it easy to reach out for more capital for your deal, or to signal your interest in potentially receving opportunities from outside your network.

Trusted by leading organisations and their investors

HUBX technology helps professionals simplify how deals are executed in private and provides new connections and data insights to grow their business.

Connecting 3rd party
applications and services

Add Financial Promotion clearance, KYC, settlement,
escrow and legal services to streamline your operations.
Large organisations can licence HUBX solutions to connect
with any app and data source they rely on for their business.

Got a Question?

Please get in touch if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

We can have you set up in 5-10 minutes.

No, HUBX is strictly for professional and self-certified professional investors, from a MiFID perspective.

Yes, HUBX provides built-in self-certification, financial promotion and data privacy processes to protect your network and ensure that you can run deals with peace of mind.

Absolutely. HUBX is designed to protect your relationships and branding. Your investor data is kept private within your own hub and never shared outside of your network.

You don’t need any technical expertise to use HUBX. You can be set up within minutes and our team is on hand to help you with any queries you may have.

Yes, our professional indemnity insurance covers any claim up to £2 million.

The first 14 days are completely risk and fee-free. Billing starts on a monthly basis after your first 14-days. Choose from a pricing plan that fits the volume of deals you need to manage. Pricing can be changed as needed on a monthly basis. Each package comes with a minimum number of seats for your team and additional seats can be purchased as needed. There are no limits to the number of investors that can be invited to your HUBX platform. For the best value pricing choose an annual payment plan and save 20%.

As an Appointed Representative (FRN 705738) of MJ Hudson Advisers Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 692447), HUBX lets you grow your capital raising business without requiring your firm to be fully regulated.