Powerful Enterprise Platform

HUBX technology simplifies the arduous capital raising process
with a simple to use, intuitive platform. Set up your private hub in minutes.


Upload your investor leads and
match them to the right opportunities in seconds.


Set up deals, manage data room permissions
and keep your investors updated at all times.


Gather individual orders, assess investor appetite
and sit back to analyse insights.

Connecting Networks

Effortless investor targeting

Say goodbye to endless emails, invite leads directly
to your beautifully branded hub to showcase curated deals.

Designed for professionals

Built-in self-certfication and KYC processes ensure
that you abide by all regulatory and GDPR requirements.

Your deal CRM

Easily stay on top of every investor profile, KYC and
legal documents in one place, with full audit reports.


Curated dealflow

Stop sending out teasers to ineligible investors. Leverage data
science to understand precisely who to target for each opportunity.

Gather feedback and orders

Investor reach-outs often occur gradually and organically. HUBX lets
you match investors on-the-go as and when you deem it suitable.

Learning from experience

There is nothing worse than an outdated investor list. HUBX dynamically
updates matching scores based on recent news and behaviour across deals.

Get connected.


Everything at your fingertips

Now you can manage blind deal teasers, investor lists, data
rooms and legal documents all in one place. Rinse and repeat.

Versatile data room

HUBX comes with built-in NDA’s and a data room designed specifically
for managing private deals. Setting permissions couldn’t be easier.

Gather valuable data

Your data is your IP. By sharing everything from one place,
HUBX lets you unlock unique data on your deals and investor behaviour.

Managing Orders

Track every investor interaction

Spreadsheets were not designed to track deals. HUBX makes it easy
to stay on top of how each deal is progressing and when to follow up.

Gather feedback and commitments

At all times, your deal team needs to know exactly who is in and for how
much. HUBX lets you run multiple deals at once without breaking a sweat.

Accommodate all styles

Some investors will prefer to give you feedback directly on the app.
For the rest, you can simply add orders and comments on their behalf.