How it works

HUBX is a trusted white-label solution for private markets Advisors;

From independent brokers and investment syndicates to corporate finance advisors, investment banks and wealth managers.

Upload a deal

Automated upload

Type in the UK company name and we will fill the deal template with key details in seconds.

Multimedia Content

Drag and drop relevant videos, other links, and documents such as Investment Memo or other marketing materials.

Flexible Templates

Choose and populate content blocks which apply to your deal: business vision, financials, leadership team.

Deal details

Once the company details are uploaded, simply add relevant transaction details. Unregulated Advisors can use HUBX’s Financial Promotion clearance service to market their deal in a compliant way.

Add your investors

Bulk Upload

Upload your investors from a spreadsheet file or CRM in one go and build each profile with their individual preferences (sector, stage, geography…).


Manage each investor’s KYC status and MiFID classification so you are compliance covered.

It’s a match!

AI-suggested investor list

Combining each digital footprint with the preferences set by you or your investor, HUBX will derive a matching score between the deal and investor.

Network effect

HUBX’s proprietary AI seeks out investors’ digital footprint to uncover connections such as network proximity, founder profile & past investments.

You are in control

No deal is shown automatically to investors. Our AI-powered suggestions assist the shortlisting process.

Market your deal

Decide who should see the deal

With your knowledge and the matching score, elect to show your deal to specific investors.

End-to-end process

Investors sign the digital NDA, access the data room and provide feedback on the platform. Advisors can incorporate off-line interactions throughout the process. A full audit is provided at every step.

Invite investors

Simply send investors login details to access your white-label platform and view the deal.

Opt-in KYC and AML checks

If required, use HUBX’s automated KYC and AML service to ensure all investors are verified, not politically connected persons and clear of any sanctions.

Feedback and bookbuild

Tracking progress

Follow investor activity on your tracking dashboard, from expression of interest and NDA signature, to data room access.


View orders placed on the bookbuilding tab in real-time, accelerating price discovery.


Measure engagement

From one deal to the next, analyse engagement patterns for each investor.

Automated profile updates

Let our AI do the legwork: automated updating of investors’ preferences according to activity on the platform.

Nurture relationships

Work more effectively by reviving passive investors, and leveraging responsive ones.


Gone are the days of isolated, expensive data rooms. Unlock insights about document and Q&A activity across all your private deals, in one place.

Looking for
deal flow?

Access HUBX deal flow

As a HUBX client, you can elect to access deals from the HUBX network – syndicated specifically to you based on the preferences of your investors.

Smart match

If a syndicated deal shows a high matching score with an investor in your network, it will appear on your dashboard for you to review before deciding to show it to relevant investors.

Need more capital?

Close your deals faster

Simply click the ‘Find more Capital’ button to show summary details of your deal to HUBX Advisors with relevant matches.

Set your fees

Set the fee you are prepared to pay on the portion raised outside of your network – this will be shared between HUBX and the other Advisor sourcing capital.