What is HUBX?

HUBX is a white label solution for Advisors to execute and distribute private deals.

How do I get started on HUBX?

Click here to book a demo with one of our team. They will run through the platform and answer any questions. Advisors can be set up with their own branded platform within minutes. A login link will be sent so you can start uploading deals and investors.

Who can use HUBX?

Anyone who distributes private deals to, or co-invests with, a network of professional investors can benefit from HUBX technology.

Above all, HUBX is build for Advisors:

  • Independent financial advisors, brokers and consultants
  • Investment Syndicates
  • Corporate Finance Firms
  • Investment Banks
  • Brokerage Firms
  • Wealth Managers
  • Private Banks
  • Multi-family Offices

Investors can join HUBX to view highly curated private deal flow, based on their preferences and experience.

What assets can be managed on HUBX?

HUBX is asset agnostic. Advisors can market any type of private deal on the platform from equity and debt to funds, real estate and real assets.

Can companies raise funds on HUBX?

Companies cannot raise funds directly on HUBX. Companies can only raise funds via an Advisor who is using HUBX technology.

Is HUBX a crowdfunding platform?

Quite the contrary. HUBX works on the premise that investors should only see relevant deals from their trusted Advisors, in a private environment. HUBX is designed for professionals and rather than looking to disintermediate, its solutions are built to help Advisors gain an edge through better insights.

What is your relationship with the London Stock Exchange?

The London Stock Exchange Group is both HUBX’s partner and investor. In 2016, HUBX was selected to power ELITE’s – the LSE’s private capital initiative – capital raising platform. HUBX is also a designated agent for ELITE, which allows us to introduce relevant investors to ELITE opportunities, seamlessly through our technology.

How do I give feedback to HUBX?

Feel free to email the team at team@hubx.capital. We love your feedback.

How long does it take to be set up on a HUBX platform?

It takes 10 minutes for an Advisor to be set up with their white-label platform. HUBX solutions are out-of-the-box and immediately ready to use.

What deals can I upload to the platform?

Any private deal across all types of asset, sector, geography or stage. Advisors can upload an unlimited number of deals.

How long does it take to upload a deal?

It can take just 15 minutes to upload a deal to the platform. Craft your digital deal teaser complete with images, videos, statistics and documents using pre-set templates.

How many deals can I upload to my platform?

Advisors can upload an unlimited number of deals.

Do you charge commission on deals?

HUBX does not charge fees on your deals, which are closed within your network. We share fees with you if we can bring outside capital to your deal, and vice versa.

Will my platform be white-label?

For Regulated Advisors, platforms are completely white-label (branding, colours and URL). For Unregulated Advisors, the platform will be white-label but will be hosted on a HUBX URL.

What is the matching score?

At HUBX, we use machine learning techniques to help our clients identify the most relevant investors for their deals. By combining data from the platform with third-party sources, we can find the most suitable matches in real time. HUBX clients can leverage the algorithm within their network, or find investor matches beyond their own network.

Which data sources are used by the HUBX algorithm?

Investment preferences uploaded by Advisors or investors inform the matching algorithm, as well as the deal profile and tags. HUBX also taps into public data and third-party sources which consider unique factors such as founder profiles, network proximity and investing history.

Can the deal be settled on the platform?

Currently, HUBX does not offer settlement services on the platform. Once the order book is filled, settlement will take place offline.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we give credit to existing clients each time they introduce a new Advisor to HUBX. Ask your relationship manager to find out more.

How can I make the most of HUBX's global network?

HUBX offers the opportunity to syndicate deals across its extended network. This feature gives access to deeper pools of capital and fresh sources of deal flow. This feature is discretionary and Advisors are always in control of who sees their deals.

What deals can I syndicate?

All deals can be syndicated. It is up to the Advisor to set the proportion of the deal shown to the HUBX network and on what terms. All deals will be screened by the HUBX team before approval.

What is the fee structure?

Fees are shared between all the advising parties involved. The originator of the deal sets the terms on which to engage HUBX, based on a 50/50 split on the portion raised from outside their network. HUBX shares its fees when another Advisor introduces the investor.

Do I have to syndicate every deal?

No, syndication is entirely optional. Advisors choose which deals, if any, to syndicate to the HUBX network.

Can I choose who sees my deal?

When HUBX finds a relevant investor in another network, the originating Advisor has final approval over whether the deal is sent to the investor’s Advisor.

Can other Advisors ever see my investors’ details?

No, HUBX is designed to protect your relationships. If you choose to introduce an investor to another Advisor’s deal, only that investor is revealed to them for the purpose of executing the deal.

What details about my deals get shared?

You have complete control over who has access to your deal, data room and whether a NDA is required along the way. When syndicating a deal to other Advisors, you can ensure it remains anonymous by writing a blind description.

What type of investors use HUBX?

HUBX is strictly for professional investors, invited by trusted Advisors. Our network spans the whole private investment spectrum, from HNWIs to institutional investors, VC to PE firms, asset managers to multi-family offices.

In which geographies does HUBX operate?

Globally. HUBX technology can be licensed to Advisors in any country. Deal syndication is subject to FCA regulation and on the laws and regulations of each country where Advisors operate.

How can I see deals on the HUBX platform?

You must have an account on HUBX to access deals from the network. You can book a short demo with the team who can then sign you on. Once we have a deal that matches your investment preferences, you will be invited to login to view the deal.

How do I get started on HUBX?

Click here to book a 10-minute demo with one of our team. They will run through the features of the platform and answer any questions you may have. Setting up an investor account takes minutes, and our team will be in touch once a relevant deal is available.

Which investors can use HUBX?

Investors must self-certify as professional investors (Per Se or Elective) in order to be eligible for an investor account on HUBX. HUBX cannot host retail investors.

What fees does HUBX charge investors?

There is no charge for investors on HUBX. It is completely free to access HUBX deal flow, based on eligibility and suitability.

What sort of deals will I see?

Investors will see relevant opportunities based on their investment preferences and other publicly available information.

Does HUBX vet each deal?

The HUBX Compliance team review all deals originated by Unregulated Advisors and all deals that are syndicated, to ensure that the deal offer is fair, clear and not misleading.

The review of deal offers originated by a Regulated Advisor is the responsibility of that Advisor.

How do I login to see deals?

Investors who are already signed up can go to the login page and log in with the credentials provided on sign up.

Are my details shared with anyone?

Investors’ details are only visible to their Advisor. Should an investor express interest in a Syndicated Deal, their name will be shared with that originating Advisor.

How do I update my preferences?

Find the Preferences tab on ‘My Account’. Investors can select their preferred asset class, stage, deal size, ticket size, industry and geography.

How do I access the data room?

Your Advisor controls access to the data room. To request permission, you can message them through the platform by clicking on ‘Provide Feedback’.

If I place an order, is it binding?

No, it is not binding. Placing an order on the platform is an indication to the Advisor of the amount the investor is intending to invest.

How do I download the app?

The HUBX app is in Apple and Android stores, just type HUBX into the search bar. Or click here to download the app for Android and iOS.

How do I give feedback to my advisor?

To leave feedback on a deal, click the ‘Provide Feedback’ button and leave a message in the text box – this will be sent to your Advisor.

Is HUBX regulated?

As an Appointed Representative of MJ Hudson Advisers (FRN 692447), HUBX (The Hub Exchange Limited, FRN 705738) can perform certain regulated activities, for example the issuance and approval of Financial Promotions

Do I need to be incorporated in the UK to use HUBX services?

No, HUBX has clients from all over the world.

Do I need to be regulated to have a HUBX platform?

No, Unregulated Advisors can use the Financial Promotion Service in order to market their deals to investors within an FCA-compliant framework.

How can I use HUBX as an Unregulated Advisor?

As an Unregulated Advisor, each of your deals must be approved through the Financial Promotion Service, before they can be distributed through HUBX to your network.

By doing this, HUBX ensures that your deal satisfies the FCA requirements for the marketing of Financial Promotions.

Additionally, for Unregulated Advisors, all investors must pass the HUBX KYC and AML Screening before they can place orders through the platform.

These features incur a small fee.

What is the Financial Promotion Service?

This is an additional HUBX service whereby Unregulated Advisors can obtain FCA approval for the marketing of their deals on their HUBX platform.

You may upload a deal profile to your HUBX platform and submit this profile to HUBX for review. HUBX will then ensure that the deal offer complies with FCA requirements and is fair, clear, and not misleading, before approving the Financial Promotion.

Once my Financial Promotion has been approved, who can I market it to?

Using the Financial Promotion Service, Advisors can market deals to any professional investor in the UK and the rest of the EU.

What is the HUBX KYC and AML Screening process for investors?

When an investor places an order on the platform, their Advisor will be prompted to perform a KYC check. For Unregulated Advisors, HUBX automatically runs KYC checks and returns results within 1 hour. Regulated Advisors may also choose to use HUBX’s automated KYC Screening checks, but this is not mandatory.

The HUBX KYC and AML Screening costs £15 per investor.

Can Retail Investors use the HUBX?

No, HUBX only allows professional investors access to the platform.

How does your platform comply with GDPR?

The team have ensured that HUBX is GDPR compliant and maintains the highest standards to keep data safe. Learn more about our roles and responsibilities regarding data here.

Where is my data stored?

Platform data is stored on AWS servers hosted in the UK.

Where is the platform hosted?

The platform is hosted on AWS servers in the UK. For firms with special requirements, HUBX offer the option to host the platform locally.

Who can access my data?

Any data input on the platform is completely private. The Advisor owns all the data on their platform and has complete control over its use. Should you have any further questions relating to data privacy, please get in touch with one of the team at team@hubx.capital.

How secure is HUBX?

Platform integrity and data security are key to providing the trusted services critical to our business. We have implemented a range of security measures to address specific threats. For more detail please contact the team at team@hubx.capital.