Behind our website and LinkedIn profiles stands a team of driven, passionate professionals. As technology builders, we are actually obsessed with empowering our clients to scale their private market business.

So, are you using our tech or considering using it? See what drove us to build HUBX, and keep improving it for our clients.


As we all know, the private capital markets are late to technology. Hence our focus on developing powerful tools to bring our intensely private and confidential community closer together. As we achieve this goal, we feel a strong sense of purpose.

Importantly, most of the team are ex-bankers. This ensures we understand the challenges faced by our clients and are able to create appropriate solutions.

Back in 2015, we identified a need to relieve the pain felt by our clients marketing private deals. This is how we started focusing on freeing up Advisors’ bandwidth, and help scale their business. Over time, HUBX created a range of solutions for Advisors big and small. Leveraging our tools clients can now focus on the rewarding part of their job.

Another powerful motivator for our team is seeing how HUBX helps funds flow to exciting and deserving businesses.


Of course, our technology has been crafted by hours of development, client and team feedback. HUBX is borne out of our relentless need to improve and innovate for our clients.

Keeping our fingers on the pulse of client feedback, our Slack channel ensures the team stays focused. For example, hearing how HUBX helped close a deal, how the technology created a new relationship, or simply how our new website looks fresh, is incredibly rewarding. This feeling is shared across the entire group, from our Developer Hub in Belgrade to our Data Scientists.

And upon receiving negative feedback every now and then, the team rushes to solve the problem. Such an effort usually involves our relationship managers and someone from the product team. All hands on deck to provide an effective response.

Whether negative or positive, we love client feedback. Our 2-week development sprints allow us to respond to suggestions and requests rapidly. This ensures our development pipeline is largely client-driven.


Mapping the private capital markets

Recently, our Data Science team launched a private beta version of our HUBX data science engine. Its insights are already available to our HUBX clients. Essentially, the engine aggregates all relevant data sources to give our clients unprecedented insights into their network. Thanks to dynamic suggestions and correlation matches with deals, the engine helps identify hidden opportunities and close deals faster.

The launch of the system is therefore a turning point in the HUBX buildout. In our quest to bring high-performing tools to the private markets, data science and data had to be at the heart of the solution.

We are currently introducing our clients to the project.


Thanks to our strong and defined culture within the business, the team are constantly searching for ways to delight clients.

Hence why we encourage mutual support, transparency, constant learning and happiness. Indeed, happiness drives us to jump out of bed in the morning, motivating our team to make our clients happy too.

The HUBX Team in the office
HUBX Team at Work

Recently, we launched our Employee of The Month poll. Nominations came flooding in, thanking colleagues for gestures and achievements big and small.

Without co-operation and constant communication within the HUBX team, we could not respond as fast as we do to client feedback.


Looking ahead, HUBX has an ambitious vision for the private capital markets. Starting from streamlined workflows to intelligent use of data, we want to connect our fragmented ecosystem.

In order to do so, we believe that valued relationships and trust are core to any effective solution for our market. Hence why we will keep building ever better tools for Advisors who are at the centre of these relationships. This makes our roadmap incredibly exciting and challenging. We cannot wait to share it with our community.