Our Culture

We are passionate about building the best capital raising technology solutions
applying our culture and values to our skill, experience and extensive partnerships.


Building trust & relationships through technology

HUBX pays forward: new relationships are built by helping others, which is why we foster trust and collaboration, encouraging our clients to work together, not in silos. In a market defined by relationships, we constantly innovate and develop our technology to build and grow relationships, not disrupt them.


HUB+ is defined by the team, for the team

It serves to develop and strengthen our culture.
HUB+ runs exciting activities to stimulate us beyond office life and bring our team closer together. Whether an afternoon white water rafting or a relaxed forest hike, HUB+ provides a chance to show our individual personalities and skills in a completely different context, to reflect on past weeks and challenges ahead, and generally unwind.


Diversity is in our DNA

Our team has a global outlook with 13 different nationalities, speaking 11 languages across 2 offices in London and Belgrade. We continuously work to build an inclusive culture, from offering an open and relaxed environment for asking questions, to regular group meetings collaborating on product and strategy, and monthly team bonding initiatives out of the office.


Our Commitment to Diversity: Women in Finance Charter

We have a commitment to diversity in all respects and believe in the power of gender balance for team culture and productivity. In 2018 we chose to sign the Women in Finance charter published by HM Treasury.


HUBX has set the following target:

  • 50% gender split in senior management by 2023


This is a bold target for an industry with an average level of 14% females in senior management, but we have no doubt that HUBX can achieve it.


We will be reporting on our progress every year.